Spinal Decompression Treatment and Outcomes

Generally speaking the therapy lasts about 15-45 minutes per session, with most cases lasting 4 to 6 weeks in duration.

This in combination of stabilization of the spinal musculature yields at least a 70% full recovery rate. The other 30% depends on the severity and duration the disc lesions has been present. It is important to take care of your spine and symptoms as quickly as possible. Let us at Natural Health Chiropractic Sport and Spine be your preferred Fort Worth Chiropractor for Spinal Decompression. Whether is a Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Neck pain with numbness and tingling we can help. When looking for a non-surgical chiropractic solution we can help in most cases. We are your professional Fort Worth Chiropractor solution.

Spinal Decompression Fort Worth

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