Chiropractic Pain Relief

How to Increase Athletic Performance..

Date: April 7, 2011 | Time: 9:36am | Posted By: Dr. Saul

Athletes would agree the ability to know the precise position of their extremities and joints in space are essential to optimal performance. Playing tennis, hitting a baseball and swinging a golf club are just a few examples of where this is critical. New research indicates chiropractic adjustments can significantly improve joint position sense in those with a history of neck pain who currently are asymptomatic. In the recent study, asymptomatic subjects with a previous history of neck pain significantly improved.... <view entire article>

Chiropractic and Injuries..

Date: November 21, 2010 | Time: 4:46pm | Posted By: Dr. Saul

5 outcomes from chiropractic back pain studies There were five outcomes for the occurrence of the back pain after the chiropractor back pain studies. The first reason is the bone component when sometimes spinal bones leave its position from its original place. This leads to the narrowing of the gaps between the spinal bones and as a result nerves are tensed. This results into irritation and severe back pain.The second reason for the lower back pain is.... <view entire article>